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How to remove the background from a profile picture?

How to remove the background from a profile picture?

Do you have a photo in your archive that you really like but won't use as a profile picture because you are unhappy with the background? Maybe, someone was passing by and ruined the picture or the scenery is not so great, or maybe you just want to have a perfectly clean background. Whatever it is, there is a solution that will help you remove the background from your picture and use it as your profile pic on social media, in messengers, or even in emails.

Remove the background from a profile picture with AI

Taking a clean portrait requires decent photography skills, but even a pic with an unsatisfying background can be saved. You could use Photoshop or hire someone to retouch your picture. But hey, why make it so complicated for yourself? There's a simple solution that will upgrade your photo in no time, and that solution is artificial intelligence.

That's right! AI evolves really fast and is today capable of doing amazing things. The simplest it can do is remove the background from your photo and substitute it with either one-color background or a nice bokeh background.

How to remove the background from a profile picture?

How is the background removed?

PFP Maker is a revolutionary and simple solution for making an ideal profile picture for social media, messengers, group chats, and email signatures.

Select a picture you want to upgrade and upload it to the PFP Maker. It can be your portrait or even a photo of your pet. The AI will then identify and remove the background of any complexity and offer you dozens of profile pictures with stylish smooth backgrounds. We offer a variety of single-colored backgrounds, textures, gradients, and image backgrounds to choose from. You can edit the picture and add shadows, use trendy filters and change the color of the background. These tools give you endless possibilities for customizing your profile pic and making it look just perfect.

If you are looking for a way to easily remove the background from your photo, take advantage of the newest technologies and use our AI-powered tool to upgrade your profile picture and stand out in your friends' contact lists.