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Social media profile picture and cover preview

It’s vital how followers perceive your brand, as 9 in 10 consumers will buy products from a brand they follow on social media. Visual elements such as color palette, profile picture and background cover are parts of the brand image which strengthen customer loyalty. With PFPMaker it is easy to create these elements and boost your brand image on social media.

Why use it?

AI background

Automatically remove any kind of background from your photo or custom image

Instantly generated
profile pictures

Get dozens of awesome profile picture designs in seconds. Edit colors, shadows and other settings

Get more views, likes
and messages

Download your new profile picture & matching background cover ready to be used on social media, messengers or email


1 Create an impressive profile picture in just a few clicks

No time for a photoshoot? Any photo can look good with a little makeover. That’s what PFPMaker is here for

Stylish profile pictures examples

2 Visualize your brand

What is your brand’s identity? Visualize it with an engaging profile picture and a matching background cover

Stylish profile pictures examples

3 Stand out

Customize your profile picture and background cover to make the design unique and stand out to attract more people

Stylish profile pictures examples


Can the background be removed more precisely?

We are working on making our background remover better. However, better processing results may be achieved by uploading more quality, contrast photo of yourself with a good lighting and make sure your headshot is not cut by image boundaries e.g. completely visible

Where can generated profile pics be used?

Mostly people use them as profile pictures on social media, display/chat pictures on messengers, headshots for email signatures or resume/CV, dating apps and a lot of other ways :)

How the generated profile pics can be used?

You can use them in any way you like, as long as that use does not violate our usage agreement. Namely you can not use our photos to conduct any sort of illegal activity

What happens with my photo after upload?

We process it on our backend to remove background only. The initial photos are automatically removed every 24 hours

What photo formats are supported?

JPG/PNG up to 5mb are supported